SMO - Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. Don’t confuse it with SEO, which is a whole different area of digital marketing. SMO is more focused on creating social media advertising and branding. Using SMO means making it easier for users, readers, and viewers to share your site or your content on social media platforms.

Make a site viable for SMO includes doing as little as adding share buttons for social media platforms to your website content or to your blog. It can also include making sure that your website isn’t simply static, meaning it has not been updated since the day it went live. It is important to use the various tools available on social media platforms that allow you to embed content from one platform onto another platform or onto your website. Another successful strategy to make SMO work is to ensure that your website is linked to all your social media platforms. You can also use the keywords you use for SEO on your social media platforms in order to get the maximum benefit from SEO and SMO both. Posting regularly on social media on behalf of your brand also has a great impact on how viewers interact with your platforms and your website.

SMO can be daunting because, for the regular person, social media is simply a tool for connecting with people, staying updated with the news and that’s it. However, social media has great potential to be used as a marketing tool and for that, you need someone who knows what SMO is and how it works.

Although SMO is relatively new, our experts are well versed in how to go about implementing these strategies to gain the maximum momentum for your brand. We carve out a strategy for your company based on the products/services, your target market, and your advertising goals.