PPC - Google Adwords

Pay Per Click is an advertising model that has been around for a while now. The basic idea behind this model is that advertisers aren’t charged for displaying their ads, they are only charged if a user clicks on their ads, hence the term “Pay Per Click”.

Google Adwords offers one of the best PPC platforms for advertisers. This is primarily because of the traffic on the Google search page. The incredible amount of users Google pulls in impacts the size of the audience they are able to provide to advertisers. It is essentially an advertising service provided to companies. You might even have seen such ads while searching for something on Google’s search engine. The ad usually appears as the first and last result on the page.

Google Adwords offers a range of advertising services that are classified based on the type of campaign an advertiser wants to run. It could be as simple as the ad example we mentioned above or as complicated as running a campaign to get users to install a particular app on their device. Each campaign works differently in terms of the type of ad displayed, the content of the ad, the budget used and the metrics used to measure the success of the campaign.

Although it might get a little confusing when trying to navigate Google Adwords, that is what our experts are here for. We can help you conceptualize a campaign from start to finish. Our experts will work with you to first determine your goals for using Google Adwords. Next, we will help you select the right type of campaign. Then, we will work on creating ads relevant to your campaign. Next, it is time to make the campaign live and monitor it.

In the end, we will compile the results and explain them to your team so you can decide if Google Adwords works for your brand or not.