SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The term itself is quite scary but the principle is very simple. The end results of SEO are also quite rewarding so it is definitely worth the effort. SEO means optimizing your web content with keywords in such a way that customers searching the type of services or products you provide will find your website in their search results.

The keywords hold the key to all SEO questions in this case. The right keyword in the right place and the right content can do wonders for your website. So what can we do for you and how can we leverage SEO to make your website stand out?

We start with curating a list of most commonly used keywords by target clients to search your services or services similar to yours. This is a very basic process where our team will use some popular keywords to check the search results that come up. For example, if your company provides advertising services in Mumbai, we will use “advertising Mumbai”, “advertising agencies Mumbai”, “advertising agencies in Mumbai” in order to check the viability of these keywords.

Next, we see how popular these keywords are and how much traffic they generate with a keyword checking tool. However, just keywords are not going to be enough.

Content is key here. Search engines prioritize good content over fluff content. Your content shouldn’t be too long and neither should it be too short. Keywords added organically to your content will help it make more valuable to search engines. We can assist you in creating high quality, shareable content that can drive up your website’s value in search results.

We also assist you in measuring how your keywords perform. While placing keywords and creating content is a good way to start off the SEO process, it is just as important to check the performance of your keywords in order to check if there are any adjustments required. Some metrics we use to measure this are keyword difficulty and search volume of a keyword.

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of online marketing, and to make sure your keywords perform well, hire a professional to do it for you.